Christianity is designed to encompass the mind:

  1. We are to love God with all the mind (Mark 12:30)
  2. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind (Rom. 12:2)
  3. We are to have our minds set on things above (Col. 3:2)
  4. We are to meditate on things virtuous & praiseworthy (Phil. 4:8)

This is why the Holy Spirit places such a premium on being sober-minded. Consider how there is a generic meaning to sober, and a more specific meaning as it relates to alcohol.

In this lesson, we will survey seven (7) passages that command sobriety.

Then, we will examine six (6) enemies to sobriety.

The question at hand is this: Are you sober?

Be sure to listen to part 2 of this lesson: “The Christian & Alcohol.” Is it valid to say, “The Bible only condemns drunkenness–not the drinking of a glass or two of wine or beer”? Paul would respond, “Don’t begin the process of getting drunk” (cf. Eph. 5:18, ESV). Drinking alcohol recreationally is beginning the process. In part 2, Ben goes into greater detail about this, and how the command to be sober-minded is inconsistent with the drinking of intoxicating beverages, even in quantities most would call “moderate.”

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