Sermons on “Doctrine”

Is Judging Wrong?

Is it okay to judge? What did Jesus mean when He said, “Judge not, that you be not judged”?

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The Monster of Sin

The Bible doesn’t exactly depict sin as a monster (unless you count the dragon in Revelation 12). But it does make use of other frightening metaphors to describe sin: slavery (John 8:24), darkness (Ephesians 5:8), etc. With descriptions like this, we desperately need salvation!

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Questions about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Bible describes several different kinds of gifts of the Spirit: (1) leadership offices, (2) skills & talents, and (3) miraculous abilities. While we no longer have miraculous abilities and some of the leadership offices that the church in the 1st century had, some questions about these gifts remain. Let’s examine Ephesians 4:7-16 together.

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