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February 2019 Question & Answer

“God Moves In Mysterious Ways.” Do you agree with this statement? What is the sinner’s prayer? What does it mean to “lift up holy hands”? What does Jesus say about homosexuality? Sometimes people pray commemorating the “broken body of Jesus” during the Lord’s Supper. I didn’t think Jesus experienced any broken bones. Is this a correct phrase for us to use?

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January 2019 Question & Answer

1. What does the Bible say about the existence of “extra-terrestrial” beings? 2. Should we as Christians believe in luck? Fate? Karma? 3. How do we respond when a friend asks us to visit where they worship? How do we kindly tell them why we will not? 4. Is it appropriate for the Christian to be cremated?

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October 2018 Question & Answer

What’s is the difference between a minister and a pulpit minister? What is our duty to widows and orphans today? Why did Elisha put a curse on the boys in 2 Kings 2:23-25?

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